Mobatime Uurwerken




NTP uurwerken:

SAN 40 voor uren en minuten

Wijzerplaat max: 50 cm

Prijs: 159 euro ex BTW

SEN 40 voor uren minuten en seconden
Wijzerplaat max : 50 cm

174 euro ex BTW

NU 90 SYN / NU 90t SYN
Minuten Impulse Beweging Synchroon voor binnen en buiten klokken.
  • As lengte NU 90 SYN 28.3 mm
  • As lengte NU 90t SYN 43 mm
  • Voltage: 12,24,48,60 volt 
Prijs 90  SYN : € 327,-  excl BTW
Prijs 90t SYN : € 338,-  excl BTW
NU 90k / NU 90 m / NU 90t
Minuten Impulse Beweging voor binnen en buiten klokken
Prijs NU 90 M of K : € 68,- excl BTW
Prijs NU 90t            : € 68,- excl BTW
  • As lengte NU 90k 15.8 mm
  • As lengte NU 90m 22.3 mm
  • As lengte NU 90t 37 mm
  • Voltage 12,24,48,60 Volt 
NU 91k / NU 91m
Minuten Impulse Beweging voor binnen en buiten klokken.
NU 91k met korte shaft
NU 91m met medium shaft 
  • As lengte NU 91k 15.8 mm
  • As lengte NU 91m 22.3 mm
  • Voltage 24 Volt 
Prijs: € 68 ,- excl BTW

FU 192 / FU 192t
Radio gestuurd uurwerk via een intern of extern tijds signaal.
Ander opties voor aansturing mogelijk.
Prijs: FU 192   € 325,- excl BTW
Prijs: FU 192t  € 330- excl BTW 
  • As lengte FU 192 18.9 mm
  • As lengte FU 192t 33.9 mm 

GU 192 /GU 192t
Industrieel Uurwerk met GPS voor buiten klokken.
GU 192 voor niet doorzichtige wijzers.
GU 192t voor doorzichtige wijzers.
Prijs: GU 192   € 855,- excl BTW
Prijs: GU 192t  € 861,- excl BTW 
  • As lengte GU 192 18.9 mm
  • As lengte GU 192t 33.9 mm

Microprocessor technology for autonomous clocks and self-setting slave clocks for displaying hours, minutes, and seconds with adjustable hand behavior. 

Modular movement of the latest technology for the display of hours and minutes or hours, minutes, and seconds. For illuminated and non-illuminated clocks up to 80 cm with transparent and non-transparent dials. All types with central nut fixing. Autonomous operation with DCF 77 or MSF 60 radio signal movement (cascading of up to 4 movements possible).

Behavior of the second hand adjustable by means of a DIP switch. 
In slave-clock, operation iscontrolled by

  • serial ASCII time telegram RS 232 / RS 422 over standard telegram IF 482,
  • audio-frequency time code (IRIG-B, AFNOR or DCF-FSK),
  • special serial protocol over RS 485. Used to control and monitor slave clocks and clock illumination.




Self-setting movement for indoor and outdoor slave clocks used in

LAN-based time systems.

It is available in different variants: for clocks with or without illumination, to display hours and minutes or hours, minutes, and seconds.

This high-technology LAN device can be synchronized from a time server or a Net Master Clock via NTP Multicast or Unicast (IP based).

The NBU 190 can be powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet) and/or 24 VDC.In Unicast mode, DHCP can be used to simplify IP configuration during installation.
Additionally, the NBU 190 can be configured by using special software. 
Cascading of up to three slave movements is possible. The slave movements are synchronized, supervised, and supplied by the master movement.

For indoor and outdoor clocks, up to 140 cm
Engine-driven movement for big indoor or outdoor clocks from 80 up to 140 cm diameter.
The movement can be operated as astand-alone clock, synchronized from a time code receiver, orcontrolled from a master clock. The DMU 140 can be powered with 10 to 30 VDC or MOBALine only. Two stepper motors drive the minute and hour hands individually, each with a separate 12 o'clock position detection sensors (magnets). When synchronized by UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) instead of local time,one of 56 pre-programmed time zones can be selected (including automatic daylight saving time adjustment). The hands are set to the correct time clockwise or counterclockwise, optimized for the shortest possible setting time. During power failure, the movement internally maintains the correct time for more than 10 hours completely maintenance-free andwithout the need of a battery.

Buiten deze uurwerken zijn er andere modellen beschikbaar. Zoals Quartz uurwerken.
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