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In addition to clocks in corridors and stopwatch systems for operating rooms, alarm systems, electronic lock monitors and other systems rely on the time provided by the central time server. BERDOTIME produces every part based on requirements such as hygiene and design and supplies complete solutions for all required applications.



Whether in the library, sports hall or classroom, time displays play a central role in the field of education. They also provide other systems with time signals. BERDOTIME provides the time for locking, fire alarm or flush-mounted bell controller systems and can enhance other existing systems.



The high availability and reliability of time information is extremely important in the field of banking, especially for banks with multiple branches worldwide. Efficient processes and accurate logging of all transactions are essential, especially when it is necessary to comply with the MIFID II standard.


Industrie en bedrijven

De betrouwbare besturing en coördinatie van elk onderdeel en elke werkstap zijn essentieel voor industriële toepassingen. Gesynchroniseerde tijdsignalen vormen de basis voor het optimaliseren van processen, vooral in hooggevoelige risico-industrieën met hoge veiligheids- en logging-eisen.

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